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Feb 20

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Monday, February 20, 2012  RssIcon

It’s long. It’s laborious. It’s essential, so don't worry, we can work it out.

What we don’t want to do is search the web for ‘directories’ or ‘link-farms' as this is ultimately going to be detrimental to your website (unless Google have spent the last 2 years cunningly throwing us SEO’s off the scent!).
So let’s look at other ways in which we can build links for your website, ways which won’t leave your website exposed in future.

Social Linking

We have already spoken about the power of social media in a previous blog post. Here is how to use it to your advantage.

Social signals (the amount of re-tweets, shares, etc) are beginning to work in a similar way to links. Attract social linking through great content, content that people will want to share. Here are the various ways to create great content for links.

Make it easy for people to link your content; people will not go out of their way to do it. You want the content to be read, enjoyed and easy for your readers to share with their friends and the world. Send it out to as many social bookmarks as you can – it affords the potential of a much greater audience reading your content, USE IT. If you need to know more about social buttons and bookmarks, our blog on Online Marketing will help!

Are you popular? If so, use the relationships BROADLY WITHIN your sector to get yourself some reciprocal links. You’re asking them to place your link on their website, so be nice when you ask, and in return you will provide a link to them on yours – hence reciprocal. The key thing to look for here is websites which have a similar or better rating than you. There are a number of ratings out there, we would recommend using the one at SEOmoz, the algorithm uses many factors in assessing the strength of a website, so the higher the better. Remember though, make sure it’s relevant to your services.

Natural Links
The purpose of writing great content is primarily 2 fold, get links and get traffic. In a nutshell that’s it.
If you look back towards the top under our ‘Social Linking’ section, we have linked to an external website (in this case Distilled’s great article about creating great content). Now there is no reason why this couldn’t happen to your content – providing it is good enough. Spend the extra time; one great article per week is better than 3 average ones. Once written, ask yourself the question 'would I find this article useful'. Then send it out to work for you, hopefully continually generating links and traffic a long time after it has been created. This blog post is a great example of the success you can have with Natural Links

Commenting Links
These are your easy to obtain, often lower quality links. You can find content on the web, articles and blogs, which will allow you to comment and include your hyperlink. Occasionally these can provide you with decent links and will improve your website grade, however be careful not to spam. With almost all SEO you should be thinking of adding something to the quality of the internet, in this case it will be constructive commenting. Look to get involved in conversations, if you go into it with the intention of actually adding something to the conversation then these links will occur anyway. Don’t become too focussed on spamming 500+ blogs, most of the decent ones are moderated anyway and therefore will reject your comment if it looks dubious. A good way to begin locating these comments is via Google Alerts. You can enter the search term/area you are interested in and the newest content on these will be delivered to you instantly, daily or weekly. I would recommend this is where you start.

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